The Future of the Novel

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

In the chaos swirling like a tornado through the book industry, as publishing nose dives in that dizzy revolution of media format, the future of that humanizing tool called the Novel comes into serious question.

How does the Novel fit into the world of electronic book readers such as the Kindle, Kobo and Sony E-Reader?

Would the Novel die a slow death as printed books become less and less popular?

Poetry may survive as Music, thus resorting back to its Homeric roots.

my fictional novel

book cover

The Novel could claim an origination in Plato, but modern society has stripped Plato of all imagination and creation, albeit granting him creativity and imaginative brilliance. Could the Novel resort to its origination and survive?

This question looks towards the fusion of the Novel as an art form with multimedia electronic delivery or publishing systems. In that gaze lies the innovation that would lift the Novel out of its pessimistic slump.

For this to happen, Novel Writers must bare the responsibility to lift the Novel from its role of bringing the physical senses alive through text, and rise to celebrate and investigate the being of humans.

The Novel may only survive in the forms of Joyce and Proust. The onus is on us Writers of Novels.